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VIDEO: Cal/WSU highlights (and lowlights)

Big hat tip to the California Golden Blogs for these. We're really just riding their coattails these days.

After watching this and after having listened to the game on Saturday, I can definitively say two things:

  1. Bob Robertson's description of the poor tackling doesn't nearly do enough justice to what transpired on these big Cal plays. It seriously looks like last year, and is something I fully expect to be fixed by next week. It makes you wonder what could have been, in light of the offense's performance.
  2. Robertson's description of Jeff Tuel's touchdown passes didn't nearly do those throws justice, either. Look at the way he steps up in the pocket instead of retreating -- as a true freshman -- and then delivers a pair of stellar throws. After a year-plus of watching Marshall Lobbestael and Kevin Lopina do the exact opposite of that in every conceivable way, it's time to get really, really excited about Tuel.

First, from Comcast SportsNet in the Bay Area:

Next, from Avinash at CGB, recorded from the student section. It's a series of plays.

I can't figure out how to get it to play all the highlights. If you want to see more, head over to Avinash's FanShot at CGB.