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AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast, Episode 11

Back for our weekly yakkity yak. Table of contents:

  • Opening - A look at the authors' current states of employment. Riveting stuff.
  • 6:15 - Can the passing game keep up the promise it showed against Cal?
  • 8:20 - Where's the guy who used to be our starting running back? (And we're not talking about Montgomery.)
  • 13:40 - How big of an impact can the offensive line have against Notre Dame? Is it possible for the Cougs to at least hang with the Irish, who have yet another explosive offense?
  • 21:00 - Games of the week and upset specials (we all missed last week!)
  • 25:45 - Predictions on the Notre Dame game. (Not to spoil the surprise, but ... we all think we're going to lose.)

As usual you can listen to the audio via the player below, or visit our podcast page for myriad subscription options. You can also find us in the iTunes directory under keyword "CougCenter." The advantage of subscribing? Besides having the audio directly delivered to your player of choice, I often upload the audio to the podcast site before posting it here. (This was uploaded to the feed a couple of hours ago ...)