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POSTGAME THREAD: Yup, we're still not there

It'll be tempting for everyone to look at tonight's result and conclude that this team has taken a huge step backward after a seeming step forward last week.

Try not to read too much into tonight. This really was a terrible, terrible matchup for the Cougs: A cresting team with precisely the kind of offense that will give a team without good lateral speed fits against a team without lateral speed on defense and some major holes in its offensive line.

Oh, and without its starting quarterback after the third series.

As Grady said on the game thread, next weekend will offer a much better test. The Cougs will be back at home against a team with a weak offense and a defense that got exposed a little bit tonight. Take stock after that game.

And pray that Jeff Tuel is healthy enough to play, because while we probably couldn't learn much from tonight's game, there is one thing that has become clear beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Marshall Lobbestael is not good. Really, really not good.