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So, how'd we do with those keys?

In the game thread, I identified three keys to keeping the game from getting out of hand. Just for funsies, let's see how we did:

  1. Don't get rattled. Wulff (tonight): "I think this is the first game of all of our games [this year] where I think they felt like they didn't respond and play well. Particularly in the environment. There was a certain level of being rattled out there."
  2. Play assignment-sound defense. Wulff (again, tonight): "We didn't respond to their speed, the tempo that they came at us with on both sides of the ball, and even on special teams." Oregon racked up 514 total yards, including 332 on the ground -- much of it on misdirection. While no rusher had more than the 83 of LaMichael James, five different players had at least 40 yards.
  3. Move the chains by whatever means necessary. Four first downs. Four. The whole game.

The best part about this game is that it's over. Starting tomorrow, let's set our sights on an Arizona State team that we really ought to be able to be competitive with.