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Offensive line gets a little help

Given how bad the offensive line was on Saturday, any shred of good news becomes really, really awesome news heading into this weekend's homecoming matchup with Arizona State. Today's really, really awesome news:

Paul Wulff said junior Brian Danaher, who suffered a concussion Sept. 26 at USC, will be able to start at guard against ASU.

Never has a fan base been so excited for a backup guard to start.

It would make sense for Danaher to start on the left side, since Wulff said Zack Williams is still a no go for another week and Joe Eppele has been starting on the right side. And while nobody's going to confuse Danaher for an all-Pac-10 offensive lineman, this is still extremely welcome news since he's replacing a true freshman who just isn't ready to really contribute.

How not ready to contribute? Take a look at these two pictures and you tell me which guy looks like he can move a pile, or stay in front of a 290-pound defensive tackle:


Alex Reitnouer might yet prove to be an excellent offensive lineman, but when you look more like our backup quarterback than our backup guard ... well, that's a problem.

I'm assuming Wulff made the announcement during his weekly teleconference, which you'll be able to listen to in its entirety as soon as the WSU sports information department passes it along to us. It's usually been around 5 or 6 p.m., so be looking for that.