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PLAYER PROFILE: Charlie Enquist

#40 / Forward / Washington St. Cougars 3441253_medium




Edmonds, WA

Kings HS


Charlie Enquist came to the Cougars as a project. He has one of those things that is literally impossible to teach: size. That size earned him a few minutes in some very important Pac 10 games last season. Against Oregon State, with much of the front line in foul trouble, Charlie logged eight minutes. He played another three in the Cougs most memorable win of 2009, the upset of UCLA on the road.

In that short time on the court it was evident that Charlie lacks the strength or speed to consistently go against Pac 10 big men. He had trouble keeping up on defense and was a non-factor on offense. The best thing going for Enquist this season is that, like his own team, much of the Pac 10 is thin up front.

Charlie will get playing time this year. Deangelo Casto is the only returner with significant experience. Charlie's eleven appearances last year puts him second just before a redshirt freshman James Watson and Aussie Brock Motum. Big men rarely play more than thirty minutes a game, so we will see Enquist on the floor.

Best Case Scenario: Charlie is effective when he comes in on both sides of the floor. He is able to use solid fundamentals to secure defensive rebounds and the lack of size and strength around the league masks his own shortcomings. He contributes a few buckets a game on offense, either on mid-range jumpers or put-backs. He is a decent front court sub and plays 10-15 minutes a game.

Worst Case Scenario: Charlie simply cannot keep up with Pac 10 athletes. He struggles mightily and is relegated to the emergency foul trouble role that he had last season. He logs some minutes in the non-conference, but mostly rides the pine in conference play.

Likely Scenario: He is going to play. He'll knock down a few open jumpers, and he will probably get some looks thanks to the ability of Reggie Moore to penetrate. He may struggle to rebound and play defense against elite athletes, but he won't be a great liability. He is still 6'10" and coordinated. He should play anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes, depending on the situation of the game.