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Spokane, WA

Shadle Park


Anthony Brown is another in the line of long, athletic, and defensive-minded guards that Tony Bennett loved. He enjoyed great success in his high school career and was an all-state performer last season for Shadle Park. He was rated two stars by and was not ranked among shooting guards. He was actually not evaluated by the recruiting service until he made his commitment to the Cougs.

His profile says he is a good shooter, but most who have observed him says he still has some work to do to develop a consistent outside shot. Most likely he isn't Marcus Capers bad from the outside, by not Klay Thompson good either. It is clear that Tony was trying to replicate the defensive success he had with Kyle Weaver, and last season with Marcus Capers. Standing at 6'4" and weighing a Washington State frontline-esque 206, he appears to have the tools to do so.

Don't expect to see Anthony much this season. He looks as good a candidate as any to redshirt, especially with the depth WSU already has at the two guard position. Considering that, some might think he would be a possible transfer, opening up that extra scholarship Bone will need. That doesn't seem likely, as his mom is a Coug and he is very close to home. He is probably very happy to be here.

In the future, he should be a contributor if he is able to develop that outside shot or prove to be effective at getting to the rim. (The outside shot especially if he wants to crack a Ken Bone rotation.) He is one of those obvious Tony Bennett guys that will have to find a place to fit under the Ken Bone regime.