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Basketball on TV!

In other words, the Cougar sport you actually want to see on TV, is on TV tonight. FSN Northwest has you covered, or FSN Pacific if you need to go regional.

Greg Heister (Q6 Sports guy) and Craig Ehlo (The guy Jordan made that one shot over) will announce. I'll be at the Coliseum, so I won't be able to keep a running tally of Ehlo's backhanded compliments involving WSU.

Want some football news to curb your enthusiasm? I know I do!

-Gameday is in Arizona this Saturday - as in the U. of Arizona. The school that's never made it to a Rose Bowl, and hasn't sent an alumnus to the site of Gameday to fly a school flag 87 or so consecutive times. Not that we're bitter.

-The Huskies have a bye week before the Apple Cup