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BALL: Staff has been told they're coming back next year

Chris Ball made his weekly appearance with KJR's Ian Furness today, and it follows the trend of most weeks -- looking forward, thinking positively, repeating the mantra that this staff is going to get it turned around.

And, according to Ball, they are most certainly going to get at least next year to do it. You can listen to it for yourself via the player below (the part in question comes in around the 8:00 mark), but here's a transcript of the audio:

Ball: When's the last time, really, Washington State's fired a football coach? You know?

Furness: Doba?

Ball: I mean, that's debatable, right?

Furness: How he stepped down, yeah.

Ball: We're in a situation, you know, recruiting's so dang competitive, people will say anything. And the administration's going to give us the time to build this thing, and get it right, and do it the right way. And that's what we're going to do.

Furness: Have you guys been told that?

Ball: Yes. Yes we have.

Furness: So you've been told you're coming back next season.

Ball: Yes we have.

Seems a little weird that this little piece of news is being broken by the defensive co-coordinator on a radio show rather than by the head coach or the athletic director, but I think we all knew that Wulff was going to get one more year.

Now, the question comes in regarding the coordinators and whether any changes might happen there. My guess is that they've been told that there will not be a coaching change, which is a far cry from retaining all of the assistants. But if you listen to Ball, I wouldn't necessarily expect wholesale changes on the staff. Ball emphasizes recruiting every week on his show, and when you've got assistants who have formed relationships with recruits, you have to be very careful about who you change.