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WSU (*used redsirt) Vitals IPFW Vitals
G Reggie Moore (Fr.) 6-1/178 G Ben Botts (Jr.)
G Klay Thompson (So.) 6-6/200 G Nick Daniels (Sr.)
G Marcus Capers (So.) 6-4/180 G Zach Plackemeier 6-3/190
F Abe Lodwick (So.*) 6-7/200 F Antwone Snead (Jr.) 6-5/220
F DeAngelo Casto (So.) 6-8/231 F Deilvez Yearby (Sr.)

Running kind of short on time, so I'll go ahead and point out the obvious: This is a game the Cougs should dominate at the end of their three game extended preseason to open the year before heading to Alaska. The Mastodons (fun fact: a mastodon is an extinct elephant-like mammal that flourished worldwide from Miocene through Pleistocene times) are small up front, which ought to buy Ken Bone some more time to sort out the frontcourt.

The Mastodons (I just like typing that) are coached by Dane Fife. Yes, that Dane Fife.

Some things to watch:

Deilvez Yearby, IPFW: The Mastodons most experienced player, one can assume the offense runs through him. He scored 20 in the opener against Wisconsin, the lone bright spot in that blowout of a game. (The Mastodons' eFG% in that game was 37.2 percent. Yeow.)

Jeremy Mixon, IPFW: He comes off the bench, but the sophomore guard looks like IPFW's most dangerous scorer. He's second on the team at 15.5 points per game.

The WSU big men: With a distinct size advantage (probably one of the two times we'll be able to say that this year), will the frontcourt begin to get sorted out? Will James Watson get some run? Will Brock Motum make an appearance? And if they do, will they do anything special?

Ken Bone's rotation: He admitted after last game that he played some guys too long (Thompson, Casto and Moore). How does he try to distribute the minutes tonight in what's likely to be a blowout?