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AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast, Episode 12

Back with our weekly recording of us talking about stuff. No table of contents this week, because this edition is more of a conversation than a series of topics. We discuss just how predictably bad the football team has become, how they seem to have committed the ultimate sports sin of becoming uninteresting, and how the basketball team is pretty much the opposite of that. Also includes predictions on the Arizona game.

As usual you can listen to the audio via the player below, or visit our podcast page for myriad subscription options. You can also find us in the iTunes directory under keyword "CougCenter." The advantage of subscribing? Besides having the audio directly delivered to your player of choice, I often upload the audio to the podcast site before posting it here.

By the way, if you've been listening to the podcast for some time, want to hear your feedback. We've been going for a few months now, and would love to know what you like, what you don't like, what you want more of, and what you want us to get rid of. Rather than leaving that feedback in the comments, drop us a line via e-mail. Hopefully that will encourage people to be honest (both good and bad) and expand on their thoughts.