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A stunning role reversal?

Offered for your consideration, and without further analysis. (For now. We'll have more on this later.)

Adjusted efficiency is how a team would be expected to perform against an average opponent on a neutral court. If you don't know what efficiency is or why it matters, start here.

Adjusted Offensive Efficiency
(National Rank)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency
(National Rank)
Washington State 124.7 (2) 113.0 (317)
Gonzaga 108.3 (79) 91.0 (69)

Granted, it's still very early in the season, and these adjusted ratings tend to fluctuate pretty significantly thanks to small sample size. But who would have thought, after the last half a decade, that Gonzaga would enter tomorrow night's matchup as the dominant defensive team? And that the Cougs would be the team with the offensive juggernaut?