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Some highlights from the individual KenPom rankings

Did you know...

Klay Thompson is seventh nationally in the percentage of shots he takes relative to the rest of his team? Klay fires off 37% of all Cougar shot attempts.

DeAngelo Casto is 31st nationally in block percentage? I know, that's not very surprising. He was 41st last year as a freshman. But still cool.

Reggie Moore is 16th nationally in free throw rate? Again, not a huge shock. However, he's also 69th nationally with a 127.5 offensive rating. For comparison, Klay Thompson is 257th at 118.4.

And the real surprise...

Marcus Capers is 17th nationally in free throw rate. One behind his teammate. Wow.

It's very early and small sample size, grain of salt blah blah blah. We're just having some fun with numbers telling us some things we already know (Klay Thompson and Reggie Moore are beasts offensively, Casto swats everything), and some things we didn't (Marcus Capers may actually provide some offense after all, by getting to the line).

And it was already brought up, but I love looking at our team page and seeing that our Cougars are the 333rd youngest team in the country. This team has some crazy upside. Of course the sports gods hate us, and so I'm sure the Pac-10 will peak in overall talent once again at the exact same time we do.