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AUDIO: Ken Bone press conference, 12-16-09

Ken Bone got back on the phone with reporters yesterday, and touched on a number of topics in his 10 minutes:

  • The Cougs better not sleep on Portland State (a topic we'll be discussing in the next couple of days). They shoot and make a ton of 3s, and you already know why that's a problem.
  • Xavier Thames has apparently been struggling with some kind of fatigue issue -- so much so that there have been tests done to get to the bottom of it. No results yet.
  • Bone is apparently not familiar with the term "barnstorming."
  • He seemed to backtrack on his implication last week (on his radio show) that the staff is still looking to add a guy to this recruiting class if it will help the team, saying the there are no available scholarships and the staff is focusing on making the young guys who are here better. Interesting, at least to me.
  • The team needs to defensive rebound better. (Duh.)
  • He thinks the defense is making strides. There's actually statistical evidence to back up this assertion, and I hope to talk about that soon, too.

There's other stuff in there, too. All in all, an informative 10 minutes.

EDIT: Perhaps I should actually include said audio. Geez ... can you tell I finished grading papers at 2 a.m. this morning? My brain is loopy.