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AUDIO: CougCenter Podcast, Episode 19

Back at it again, a little later in the week than usual. Just Craig and I, as Grady is traveling for the holidays. I apologize in advance for some of our audio difficulties; for some reason, Craig's audio quality just drops dramatically early in the podcast, then pops back in later. We still have no idea what that was about.

Topics covered include breaking down the victories over Idaho and Air Force, some striking individual statistics, whether the defense is really improving and what to expect in upcoming games against Portland State and LSU.

As usual you can listen to the audio via the player below, or visit our podcast page for myriad subscription options. You can also find us in the iTunes directory under keyword "CougCenter." The advantage of subscribing? Besides having the audio directly delivered to your player of choice, I often upload the audio to the podcast site before posting it here.