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Reading and/or listening up on tonight's game with LSU

I don't have time to do any real writing in advance of tonight's big matchup with LSU, so I figured I'd just pass along what's out there today for your reading and listening pleasure.

But before I do, just a little piece of info for you: I'm going to be at the game tonight, but since my EnV phone doesn't like SBN mobile, I won't be on the game thread. Instead, I'll be tweeting updates on my thoughts throughout the game via my Twitter account @NussCoug.

And if you've been nervous about jumping into the Twitter fray or don't see why it's actually pretty cool, might I suggest downloading and installing TweetDeck? It makes it so much easier to follow people and post updates. You might just get addicted, as I am. There's also a TweetDeck app for iPhone, but I haven't used it.

OK, back to tonight's game.

For your reading pleasure, here are the various game previews from around the web:

For your listening pleasure, some interviews over the past week from KJR 950-AM in Seattle:

Ken Bone with Ian Furness on 12/18

Trent Johnson with Mitch Levy on 12/18

Ben Johnson with Ian Furness on 12/15