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AUDIO: Paul Wulff season-ending press conference, 12-1-09

There have been a handful of stories circulating that wrap up the football season, most of them based on Paul Wulff's season-ending press conference with reporters. Here's the audio for you.

Most interesting to me? Two things:

  1. He is absolutely, undeniably convinced that the team will be vastly improved next year. Given his frank honesty from day one about what our expectations should be, this gives me a lot of hope. I don't get the vibe that he's just saying it in some kind of sales pitch. I think he really believes it.
  2. He refuses to say that there won't be changes on the coaching staff. That leads me to believe that there is/are going to be change(s) -- ones that he doesn't want to talk about in the media until they're handled behind closed doors.

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