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Etheridge out as o-line coach

A team experiences its worst season in school history, and it decides that the best course of action is to fire ...

The offensive line coach?

Hardly the sweeping changes some were hoping for, the Cougs do end up making a change on the football coaching staff by firing offensive line coach Harold Etheridge. (WSU officially says his "contract will not be renewed," but why mince words?)

More interesting to me is that Vince Grippi says there aren't expected to be any more staff changes, which means it looks like Paul Wulff is still hitching is wagon to offensive coordinator Todd Sturdy, for better or worse.

I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I think there clearly were bigger problems on offense than the line; but on the other hand, I think some make a legitimate argument when they say the offensive coordinator can't do much if he has to only call plays that can develop in two seconds.

I guess we're going to find out if Sturdy really can do the job. I hope for Wulff's sake that he's right. has put together this blatantly speculative list of potential candidates; however, Grippi says Keith Gilbertson is not going to be a candidate, and that Jim Michalczik is probably too expensive. Personally, I'd love to see it be Jason McEndoo, a guy who it appears was a candidate for the job back when Wulff was hired, but seemed to step out of turn when he said he was coming, only to be rebuffed.

Any tie to our successful years is a good one.