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Shortest game thread preview ever. Turns out today was a really bad day for all three of the authors to try and write something.

I see two keys to this game for the Cougs:

  1. Continued good defense of the 3-point line. We've seen the Cougs make some serious strides in this area, and they're going to need it today. Tajuan Porter is back and is always capable of lighting it up from outside, and the team's new point guard, Malcolm Armstead, is shooting 50 percent from out there. Don't let them get their points in bunches from beyond the arc.
  2. Rebound like crazy. This is going to take a total team effort. The Ducks are one of the best rebounding teams in the country, thanks to a front line that's the biggest the Cougs will face in Pac-10 play. Michael Dunigan is an undeniable talent, and Josh Crittle and Joevan Catron (who might play today) are also excellent rebounders. In fact, the Cougs' best strategy might be to try and get any or all of those guys in foul trouble, something they're all prone to do.

So there you go. Shortest preview ever. Talk away!