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Let's do something about it

[Author's note: while I'm pretty good at keeping my cool, this was written minutes after the end of the game, so there's some heat of the moment stuff. I don't necessarily think the officials should be fired, and I don't think Oregon fans are idiots even if they think they won fair and square. After all, Tajuan Porter did make a billion shots and I can't wait to see him graduate. Nevertheless, tonight was a nightmare]

I don't care who on this contact list you write to. Best would probably be Larry Scott, the commissioner, or Bill McCabe, coordinator of Men's basketball officiating who, surprise! doesn't have an e-mail address listed.

You may have to write a letter, which is done in pen or pencil written on some archaic substance known as "paper". I don't care how you do it. Just do it. Let the conference know what happened tonight is unacceptable and makes a mockery of what is supposed to be a fair game.

Please be civil, make your arguments succinct, powerful and for heavens sake please don't resort to swearing. Our crowd tonight, minus a couple idiotic item-throwers at the very end, handled tonight's events with a lot of dignity and grace, especially compared to the Leunen game a couple years back.

Tonight's officiating crew should be held accountable for tonight's game. They should be fired. Of course that's probably too harsh for a conference as spineless as the officials who work for it. So, at the very least, they should be suspended without pay. God forbid 18 and 19 year old kids get excited about a win. And, of course, when Oregon did the exact same thing (encroaching on the court) at the end of the second overtime, they weren't called for it.

I have seen some messed up officiating in my time in Pullman. Oddly, it often seems to happen against the Ducks (the Leunen foul, the Aaron Brooks travel, etc. etc.). If you're a Duck fan and you think you somehow won this game fairly, you are, simply put, an idiot. That would be like us coming onto your blog and saying Colorado and Nebraska clearly deserved to play for the 2002 National Championship over your football team. You could make half-assed arguments to the contrary, but in the end, everyone knows what the right thing to do was. And it didn't happen.

What happened tonight was disgusting and a disgrace to the Pac-10 conference, college basketball, and officiating in general. Rest easy, Husky fans: we now know how you felt after Jake Locker threw that ball up in the air.