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OVERREACTION POSTGAME THREAD: Back to the drawing board

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Well, that didn't go as planned.

However, I would caution all of you against overreacting to what you just witnessed. We told you before the season started that there would be nights like this. We told you there'd be nights where they look like they could play with anyone (Gonzaga for 32 minutes) and nights where they look like a mess (tonight).

This is a young team coming off a tough loss that was playing in a hostile environment against a team that is incredibly talented but had yet to play up to its potential. And, oh by the way, our young guys are in their first year under a new coach who, incidentally, looks at basketball from a completely different perspective than the previous coach.

Sure, there are reasons to be concerned. Klay Thompson looks as if he might be starting to believe his own myth. Our inability to find shooters in defensive sets is perplexing, especially considering that Bone's defense is supposed to give up fewer open 3s than Tony Bennett's did.

But don't start making sweeping conclusions from this game, unless you want to conclude that our front line is not tall or big enough (something we already knew) or that turnovers are bad (also something we already knew) or that Klay still has work to do (also something we already knew). That we'd be seeing something appreciably different if Bennett was still the coach is simply not true.

Some of the flaws we can't change, but the mistakes you're seeing are correctable, and it just takes time. Our defense will learn how to get out on shooters. Klay will learn how to deal with the extra attention he's getting. Just be patient.

Keep the faith. Win against Idaho on Wednesday, and you've got a pair of cupcakes after that before playing a beatable LSU team. After that? Oregon and Oregon State at home.

Lose to Idaho and it will be officially time to worry. But until that happens, try to keep this in perspective. It's a long season.