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Kansas State 86, Washington State 69

Yeah, well, our vet school is better than yours.


Player of the Game: Marcus Capers. Boy, this was a difficult choice, but hear me out. Klay had 22 points, but 9 turnovers. Reggie had 16 points - almost entirely from the free throw line - but 5 turnovers of his own. Look at efficiency and Capers wins: 9 points on 3 of 4 shooting, 2 boards, an assist, a steal and 2 blocks. And only 2 turnovers! Now if he could just hit his free throws...

Unsung Hero: I may just have to rename this the Reggie Moore award. See above; he played a good game but I'm denying him player of the game honors due to his uncharacteristically high turnover rate.

It was over when... When K-State assumed a 59-38 lead on Dominique Sutton's three-point play with 16:33 left.

Stat of the Game: Yeah. 25 turnovers.

We better beat Idaho.