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Enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday

Hey everyone! This will be the extent of CougCenter's content today, which is to say that we're really not going to do anything. [Grady here: I'll be dropping in my usual SMPG column, because if I have to watch more than 30 minutes of Super Bowl pre-game shows I will literally kill myself - but do check out our NFL blogs if you need a fix there. May I recommend Field Gulls, as a way to channel what should be your intense hatred of the Steelers]

I'll be enjoying my unofficial national holiday by hanging out with Jo-Jo, playing some March Madness 09 on the Xbox 360, consuming a few tasty beverages, eating way too much food, and watching what I desperately hope will be a good game.

If you're just jonesing for new blog content to read today, may I direct you to a couple of our SBN partners, Revenge of the Birds and Behind the Steel Curtain? Lots of great stuff there.

Otherwise, enjoy your day and we'll be back around tomorrow.