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Interesting stat of the day

Did you know that Taylor Rochestie is 141st in the country in fouls called per 40 minutes -- 1.98?

Think about all of the very good (and very quick) point guards Rochestie has faced this year -- Darren Collison, Nic Wise, Jerome Randle, etc. -- and think about how often Rochestie gets beat to the point he has to foul. It doesn't happen very often.

In fact, one of the most underrated aspects of Rochestie's game this year has been just how great of a defensive job he's done on opposing point guards. He's exceptional at keeping guys in front of him, a mantle he took from Derrick Low -- another guy totally underrated for that ability.

Rochestie has quietly elevated his game to the point that I'd have a hard time keeping him off the all-Pac-10 second team. He's been that good. Enjoy watching the end of his career over the next month, because like the guys who graduated last year, we probably won't realize just how awesome Taylor Rochestie was until he's gone.