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Fun with numbers

The top five offensive performances for WSU this year:

Date Opponent (kenpom defensive rank) Efficiency
11/21/08 Sacramento State (326) 133.7
2/21/09 UCLA (44) 127.1
12/13/08 Montana State (236) 120.9
2/12/09 Oregon (177) 120.9
1/22/09 UCLA (44) 119.8

Will somebody please explain to me how a team that is 102nd in the nation in adjusted offensive efficiency has been able to put together two of its five best offensive performances against a team that is 44th nationally in adjusted defensive efficiency?

Especially given our offensive performances against UCLA the last two-plus years (minus the insane end-of-game shooting performance at Pauley last year), this just defies all logic. If anyone has an explanation for our offensive success, I'm all ears.