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Shocking news: College student may have consumed alcohol

Let's get some news from the Grip Dog:

Washington State sophomore-to-be quarterback Marshall Lobbestael was arrested Sunday by the Pullman police department for being a minor exhibiting the signs of having consumed alcohol.

And, of course, a classy take from the Husky side of things. I personally enjoy the ancient quote from Courtney Williams, whose resume boasts both college dropout and horrible football player.

Hey, Husky fans, you know why this isn't drawing more headlines? Because it's pretty much a non-story. Thanks for stopping by.

EDIT (8:05 A.M.): I should clarify that it's not exactly a "non-story" when someone breaks the law. But consider the following things:

  • It was a victimless crime. He didn't DUI, and as far as we know didn't endanger anyone but himself.
  • This is the first kind of offense like this for Lobbestael, not part of a pattern of repeated disciplinary problems.
  • As someone who studies drugs for a living, it is my opinion the age 21 drinking requirement is outdated and in large part responsible for the binge drinking epidemic on all college campuses (except for BYU and select other schools). Over 100 college presidents agree with me on this. That doesn't make what the Lobster did OK, but let's stop and ask ourselves if it is really that serious.

EDIT #2: By the way, I'm in no way meaning to call out John Berkowitz over at the UW Dawg Pound, whose a good blogger and a good guy over there. I just felt I had to defend WSU, even though this event was, in fact, pretty stupid.

Hat tip to StraightOuttaPullman for originally posting this in the FanShots.