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Twitter: So easy a Husky head coach can do it

Hey there Coug Nation - I'm going to start playing around with that whole Twitter thing that is so popular with the kids these days. My inspiration for this was the fact that USS Mariner does it. And I love pretty much everything USS Mariner does.

You can check out the CougCenter twitter feed here:

And there's a little Twitter sidebar now on your right hand column (Requires Flash 9). It allows me to post snippets on the blog whenever I feel like it. Sorta like Rick Reilly's "Go Fish" thing on ESPN. Except my jokes won't be lame. Most of the time.

Ok, some of the time.

Anyhoo.... this technology now allows me to post things on the blog from anywhere, even at games, from the middle of the student section. You cannot escape me! MWAHAHAHA......

And hey, if you don't think Twitter is cool, then you obviously haven't checked out Coach Sark's twitter feed! I feel like I need to emphasize the fact this is not a joke or an imposter.

Isn't the weather in Seattle glorious? It never rains there, silly. By the way, I hope the shards of the phones that are "blowing up" don't accidentally impale your skull. And man, that Steve Sarkisian is so hip and cool. I can know what he's doing at any moment. I feel like I want to commit to his football team and monitor his every move at the same time!

Side note: I find no justification for the use of Twitter in anyone's personal life, unless you enjoy the prospect of being stalked.

Also, some of you may have noticed that a Husky-related business ad will pop up from time to time on our sidebar. Please note that we have no control over the ad spaces at the top and on the side of the page. Sports Blogs Nation, our parent network, controls that. The only control we have is over our own optional ad space, in the event that someday a more Coug-centered business would like to support us. RIght now we use 0% of the allotted optional ad space (And even if we do sell out, don't panic - the ad space is minimally invasive, and won't harm your reading experience).

One of the compromises we made by having a blog with all the cool gadgets we have is that we are at the mercy of whomever wants to pay SBN to keep supporting us. And if that place supports the Huskies, they could potentially get an add on a Cougar blog. Even if it is somewhat illogical.