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POSTGAME THREAD: This is the future

What a ridiculous offensive explosion in the second half. And you know what? We did it almost exclusively with the same lineup on the floor: Taylor, Klay, Capers, Casto and Baynes.

While Rochestie and Baynes played well, this game absolutely, positively belonged to the future. By my estimation, the three freshmen played a combined 55 minutes in that second half, and we ran Arizona right out of the gym.

Klay hit big shot after big shot. Capers played ridiculous defense on Wise. Casto brought it on both ends, neutralizing all-Pac-10 first teamer Jordan Hill. Simply incredible.

Resist the urge to wonder why we couldn't do this five games ago. Just sit back and enjoy it.

One down. Four to go.

PS: I just have one request. Can we please get that final alley-oop to Baynes on YouTube?