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Catching up with Josh Akognon

NBA has an interesting interview with Akognon. Notable quotes regarding his time at WSU: You began your college career with Washington State, what made you decide to transfer?

Josh Akognon: I’d say the tempo at Washington State, they average about 50 points per game. I just wanted to get out and play a little bit faster than that. Everything else around the program was great but I wanted to go back to the style I played in high school, and get the same notoriety so I decided to go back to that style. Elaborate a little further on the differences between Fullerton State and Washington State both in terms of coaching style and off court?

Josh Akognon: The coaching styles are completely different. The mentalities are different. Washington State was defense, defense, defense. And in some ways it felt like if we never went down on the offensive end it would be ok because we would stop them every time. Here we just try to run them out of the gym and keep their percentages down. We know we’re gonna score so it’s all about just keeping their numbers (percentages) down. We try to score every time and then get them so that by the end they don’t have the energy to defend. When I first got here I was just blown away at how much energy was put on offense.

See? No hard feelings for him towards us, and vice versa.

By the way, currently projects Akognon going in the second round, #56 overall to San Antonio. That seems about right.

I still don't get why Akognon doesn't think he could have been an offensive star here. Although that's a different story for a different day.