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You have to love this!

Starting with the UCLA game, every game has been and will be a do or die for this basketball team.  They've stepped up and beat two teams they probably shouldn't have to keep hopes alive.  It's already March Madness and we are still in February!  This is something that is new a different to me as a Coug fan, since I've only been one since enrolling at WSU in 2003.  Every year we have either been out of it by now or have just jockeying for a higher seed.  Now Coug fans are experiencing what it is like to be a "bubble" team.

The "bubble" is probably a generous term for the basketball team, as it was probably burst several times over throughout the year.  We wrote the season off after the USC meltdown, then after the OSU meltdown.  But it seems that Taylor, Klay, Aron, and friends have snuck back into the candy store and pick-pocketed a new pack of Big League Chew.

Nuss already wrote this lengthy post detailing the Coug's chances at a bid to the Dance, so I won't go into that.  I just wanted to reiterate how great it is that even with this team of nine freshman and all the frustrations that Coug Nation has been through during the season, there is a still hope with 2 regular season games to play!

Enjoy the ride and try your best to not think about some of those earlier losses, there is nothing that can be done about them now.   This team is playing as well as it has all season, especially on the offensive end.  Let's hope they can keep it going with Senior Day against the Sun Devils.

Go Cougs!