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Somwhere along the way, we stopped believing in happy endings.

Maybe they were too predictable. You knew the Mighty Ducks were going to win on a penalty shot. You knew Rudy was going to tackle somebody and get carried off the field. It's Disney stuff, and we grow out of it.

So Friday Night Lights ends in bitersweet fashion, Rocky goes the distance but loses the match and we have a whole host of stories were the bad guy wins but we realize in the end the journey was more important. And it is.

But tonight? Taylor Rochestie got his happy ending.



Also, Taylor's brother, I apologize if I made you feel awkward when I saw you on the court afterward and told you that I love you and your brother. Also, for not knowing your name.

I got to high five Klay Thompson, though.

It is absolutely insane that my last football game and my last basketball game as a student ended in such incredible fashion.