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Graphs just don't do this game justice


Player of the Game: Rochestie. This is the worst stat line ever put up by a player that I have awarded player of the game. 2 of 11 shooting (2 of 6 3pt), 3 of 5 FTs, 5 rebounds. But he did have 5 assists to 0 turnovers.

And, of course, one of his two baskets will live in Cougar infamy.

Play of the Game: C'mon. Rochestie's three with two seconds remaining. And all this time I thought Klay's dunk over Mitch Johnson would hold up in the race for Play of the Year.

Unsung Hero: Klay Thompson. Carried the load offensively with 17 points (7/18, 3/8), while also contributing with 7 rebounds, 1 steal and 1 assist.

It was over when... Ty Abbott's desperation halfcourt shot at the buzzer came dangerously close, bouncing off the rim.

Stat of the Game: This was the third consecutive Senior Day game to go to at least one overtime. The Cougs are 3-0 in those games.

I've suffered about three heart attacks during each contest.

Thanks, seniors. You deserved this.