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More video

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Let's just keep rolling 'em out, because it never gets old.

Here's the FSN version, which is a first look for those of us at the Coliseum:

Rochestie and Cougs stun ASU from Boston Coug on Vimeo.

I have to admit when I saw it live I had no idea Taylor shot it from that far back. All I saw was the ball go up, and go in. Shades of T.J. Sorrentine.

And then some postgame fun, of which I did not see because I was in the melee behind the camera where the "Taylor! Taylor! Taylor!" chant is coming from.

God I love rushing the court.

Rochestie and seniors post game after ASU from Boston Coug on Vimeo.

These videos come from BostonCoug on Vimeo, but credit wollybugger for finding them.

And you have to love the emotion of the seniors. Harmeling and Baynes could not have been happier for their teammate. One of the many reasons why they're awesome.