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CougCenter is the spot to be on signing day

Because you all are the best Cougar fans around, you all are keenly aware that tomorrow is National Letter of Intent day. And because we're the best Cougar site around, CougCenter will be your spot for all things related to signing day.

Grady and I have big things planned for tomorrow to make this your one-stop shop as you irrationally obsess about 17- and 18-year-old athletes who may or may not ever contribute to the team's success on the football field. But it's fun to dream, so dream we will.

Here's a sampling of what you can expect:

  • A signing day thread where you can discuss the goings on with your favorite community of Coug fans as the letters get faxed in. If you've been on our basketball game threads before, you know how cool this will be with SB Nation's live-updating comment feature.
  • Live updates on the class as the letters are received, including every piece of information we can find on each guy.
  • A compilation of every piece of analysis of the class we can find.
  • Anything else that pops up during the day.

We'll be here with you on this every step of the way, so come enjoy it with us from sunup to sundown.