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SIGNING DAY: Recruit videos

Updated 9:40 p.m. with videos for most of first half of signings today.

I decided to create a separate post for video of recruits I was able to dig up since it tends to bog down load times for some people. Click on the link below to get to the video page, to which we'll be adding videos as we're able to dig them up.

Star ratings are according to for reference.

Justin Clayton, DL (3-star)

His team is in white, and he's No. 52. Not a great video for him, but he flashes on your screen a few times -- including a nifty little swim move to get in the backfield on a pass rush.

Jeff Tuel, QB (3-star)

This is an excellent highlight video. That first bomb he throws is simply ridiculous. I'll try not to drool on my keyboard.

Casey Locker, DB (2-star)

This is some video from Ferndale's playoff loss to Union, in which Locker has a 25-yard touchdown run. Ferndale is in white, and Locker is the quarterback.

Andre Barrington, LB (3-star)

This is a great actual recruiting video from I'm guessing this is what they based their evaluation off of.

Asi Hosea, DB (2-star)

Another video from Hosea is No. 8.

Darren Markle, LB (3-star)

We've got three videos of goodness for you on Markle. The first is a highlight package from his junior year -- we couldn't find anything form his senior year. The last two are Markle power lifting -- before his senior year. "Wow" is pretty much the only word that came to mind.

Markle squatting 600 pounds ...

... and powercleaning 300 pounds.

Sekope Kaufusi, LB (2-star)

Kaufusi's not hard to find -- just follow the hair. I have a feeling he's going to become a fan favorite in Pullman with that mane.

Terrell Thompson, LB (2-star)

He'll probably end up at linebacker for WSU, but was a stud running back and DB in high school. Check it out.


Again, we'll add more video as we dig it up. If you find something and want to share, just leave the YouTube link in the comments, and we'll embed it.