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POSTGAME THREAD: Satisfyingly boring

Well, judging by the overall participation on the game thread, everyone else was having as hard a time getting up for this game as I was. Of course, the same can't be said for the Cougs, who were as focused as ever and once again annihilated Oregon with a performance that I can best describe as surgical.

Ernie Kent said it himself -- the Cougs are a bad matchup for his team, and it was on display again tonight. Offensively, the Ducks lack the patience and discipline to deal with the pack; defensively, they lack any kind of discipline at all. That's an awful, awful combination against a team like WSU in any situation, but is made even worse with how well the Cougs are playing right now.

Good on Aron Baynes for showing the media center of the conference what morons the coaches were for not selecting him to an all-conference team.

So, it's on to UCLA -- a matchup that none of us will have trouble getting excited for. We're rolling, and the only lament I have about tonight is that Tony didn't bench his starters sooner. I know they all sat the last four minutes or so, but they could have gone down even a couple of minutes before that. I'll bet when we look at the "this game was statistically over at ..." it'll be somewhere around the 5 or 6 minute mark.

Oh well. Nothing to be done about it now. Just gotta go get a big win over the Bruins tomorrow night. Win that, and you feel like you're rolling into a game against either Cal or USC -- teams we were 0-4 against, but teams we showed we could handle.