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Is Collison's injury going to be a factor tonight?

UCLA point guard Darren Collison injured his tailbone in Saturday's win at Oregon, and it apparently has been giving him issues this week.

So what did the Bruins do? Make it a point to tell their reporters yesterday that he's just fine, thank you. He practiced with contact, if you must know.

Which leads me to the most reasonable conclusion possible: He's not fine.

Here's to hoping the Cougs make sure to put Collison on his backside every time he comes anywhere near the lane. Not in a dirty way, but be physical with him. Collison is the single reason UCLA beat us at home after that comeback, and he's made a living working screens and taking advantage of defensive switches, especially against the Cougs.

If Baynes puts him on his backside the first time he switches, he's not coming inside again. And that would be huge for us.