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Join the CougCenter Bracket Challenge!

Now that the brackets have been unveiled -- and while we wait to find out the Cougs' fate for the postseason -- it's time to take the ultimate challenge: Proving you're smarter than us.

Join the CougCenter Bracket Challenge at Yahoo! -- a group specially limited to the members of CougCenter. Here's how you do it:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Sign in, or sign up for a Yahoo! account if you don't have one.
  3. Create an entry and -- THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT -- title it with your handle on CougCenter. (My entry, for example, is called "Nuss" and Craig's is called "Dancing Football.")
  4. Make your picks.

The reason we want you to title it with your CougCenter handle is because we're going to post the standings throughout each day and into the night for all to see here on the blog, and it's better if everyone knows who everyone is in the standings. Much better for talking trash, you know?

I wish I could say I can offer prizes, but who am I kidding -- I'm a teacher in a district that's going to be laying off hundreds of teachers, so it ain't happening. But what you will get is the recognition from all of us for your basketball knowledge/luck that you so richly deserve.

If you want to join in but haven't joined CougCenter yet, just join the blog by clicking that little "Start Posting Now" button right under our logo. Create a name, then create your bracket and you're good to go. If there are any brackets in there that I can't match up with a CougCenter member, I'll be deleting them.

It's a lot of fun -- we did it last year on my previous blog. I finished ninth out of 23 people, proving once and for all that I, in fact, do not know everything. (Just don't tell my wife.) Johnnycougar was in there, placing 11th. And I'm sure others of you who followed me over here were in there, too.

Join us!