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OPEN THREAD: Selection Sunday bracket unveiling edition

Even though who's selected for the NCAA Tournament has absolutely nothing to do with us at this point, I'm sure you'll all still have plenty of things to say about the bracket as it's unveiled today at 3 p.m. PDT.  This is the spot.

If you want to see two of the most relevant bracket projections to prepare yourself, you can see Joe Lunardi here and Jerry Palm here.

And if you're stuck at a computer and can't watch the selection show on TV, have no fear -- you won't even have to go to pirated feeds on to watch it. The NCAA is offering the show live here, which is the same place they'll be offering all of the NCAA Tournament games live, for free, and supposedly in high quality streaming. (I'm going to be testing that out on Thursday, because I'll be at the Rose Garden with my dad and brother for the regional in Portland, and my dad WILL be bringing his MacBook and Verizon card ...)

Anyway, have at it. There's sure to be a lot of controversy this year with so many seemingly mediocre teams at the bottom end of the at-large pool and most of the teams considered to be No. 1 seeds losing in their conference tournaments.

Oh, and if you want to join in on a national thread, head over to Searching for Billy Edelin, SBN's new national college hoops blog, or visit Blogging the Bracket, SBN's new bracket blog.