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THE MORNING PAPER: No. 7 WSU at No. 2 St. Mary's

If you want to read what others are writing, here you go.

For WSU ...

  • Vince Grippi -- honestly one of the best beat reporters around for my money -- has put together an incredibly awesome look for the Spokesman-Review at how Tony Bennett has evolved this season as a coach. It really is a neat story and I highly recommend reading it. (Bonus points if you get his joke about albums and 45s. I got it.)
  • Grippi also had this game preview on Monday.
  • Freelancer Howie Stalwick checks in with his usual superficial report for The News Tribune (and others), which includes this gem: "The Gaels ... paid a price for playing in a weak league (the West Coast Conference) and scheduling nonleague games with the likes of ... NCAA Division I weakling Eastern Washington." Gee, Howie -- did you notice they scheduled that game on March 13 at the last minute in an effort to prove to the committee that Patty Mills was healthy? That's probably asking too much, though. (However, I do like his lead.)
  • The official WSU gameday news release with notes and statistics.

For St. Mary's ...

  • The San Jose Mercury News focuses on -- shocker -- the Cougs' slower-tempo style.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle focuses on -- shocker -- the Cougs' slower-tempo style.
  • As an aside, it's interesting to read these two stories. The first makes it sound as if the Gaels have definitely moved on from their "snub." The second makes it sound as if they definitely haven't. Personally, I'd tend to believe the first, because that guy covers the team daily. But who knows?
  • The official St. Mary's College gameday news release with notes and statistics.

One other interesting story ...

  • Mike DeCourcey at The Sporting News -- who is a far superior college hoops guy to anyone ESPN can throw out there -- has this great in-depth look at St. Mary's "snub." His conclusion?

    "The Gaels had obvious opportunities that were damaged or squandered. They didn't miss because they were 'mid-major.' They missed because they weren't lucky enough and, in a few rare circumstances, not good enough."

    I concur.