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St. Mary's fans unimpressed by NIT

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St. Mary's plays in the McKeon Pavilion, which seats 3,500. As of right now, on the St. Mary's Web site, you can still purchase ...

  • Second row tickets for $75 each.
  • Seventh row tickets in section AA of their upper reserved section for $20 each. (There are 11 rows in that section.)
  • Tickets in their general admission EE section for $15 each. (This is the midcourt GA section.)

I draw two conclusions from this.

  1. Despite what anyone says, at the very least, the Gaels' fans are not excited about this game -- there are still a sizeable portion of those 3,500 seats left to sell. Seems to me that someone is a little to big for their britches if they think they're a little too good for the NIT.
  2. This might not be as much of a homecourt advantage as we were worried about; there might be a lot more WSU fans there than anyone is anticipating. I don't know how many fans there are in the Bay Area, but Moraga is less than a 30 minute drive from both Oakland and San Francisco.

If you are a Coug fan in the Bay Area, please, for the love of everything that is good and right, pony up $15 and get yourself into that gym.