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March Madness Open Thread V

I am shuddering at the fact that the one Pac-10 team to make the Sweet Sixteen might be....Arizona?

In all honesty, though, the conference got a raw deal. What happened to playing teams close to home because of the poor economy? UCLA? Sent to Philadelphia. Arizona State? Miami. Arizona? Also Miami. Cal? They were the lucky beneficiaries of a trip to Kansas City. USC? Off to Minneapolis, so that they could play on a floor that at least had their colors on it.

Outside of Washington, the Pac-10 got hammered with bad locations and early morning start times. Not fair - I think I'm starting to join Dancing Football with the conspiracy theory.

Or maybe I'm just upset that my bracket in the CC challenge dropped from 4th to 22nd in one day.

I'm working on a postseason award post, so we can get back to talking about the Cougs and away from talking about how much our brackets are tanking.