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The end for Fabian Boeke?

Not sure how I missed this, but there was an interesting note from Grippi on Thursday:

Left to take over is one junior (Nik Koprivica) and eight freshmen. Sophomore Fabian Boeke was injured much of the past two years and may not receive medical clearance to continue his WSU career.

Ugh. It's becoming clear that we may need to place Fabian Boeke's name among Rodney Edgerson and Chris Henry - Cougar players that had a lot of potential coming in but whose careers never really got off the ground thanks to chronic injuries.

Edgerson actually ended up playing well enough to make an impact for Kentucky Wesleyan. He ultimately signed a contract with the Vermont Frost Heaves of the Premier Basketball League. Now that's a name you can't make up. [Edit: Actually, I'm pretty sure someone made it up]

Boeke is still a bit of an anomaly - a big man whose game is geared more towards being a perimeter shooter. At 6'10", however, he is understandably hard to defend out there. Could he have made an impact? Certainly. Will he? It's looking very doubtful.

If he stays at WSU, like Grippi says, he will be one of only two upperclassmen next year. This team will be young.

Put your qualms with Nikola Koprivica aside right now - you'll be seeing a lot of #4 next year whether you want to or not.