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Top 10 Cougar Plays Nomination Thread

Alright, Coug Nation. The time has come to stroll down memory lane and revisit some of your favorite plays from 2008-09.

There's the obvious - A certain shot by a certain Cougar on Senior Day, Klay's posterization of Mitch Johnson, Rochestie's runner against Stanford, his transition three against UCLA. Let's just come to grips with it now: the Top 10 is going to be dominated by Taylor Rochestie.

I want to challenge you to think outside the box here - what were some of the other, let's say, "under the radar" plays that helped make this year fun? There's bound to be some Casto, some Baynes, maybe even a Forrest fire or two. In fact there's one particular Baynes play I'm thinking of right now. Even defensive plays are nomination-worthy. We are the Cougs, after all.

Oh, and I'm offering a whopping 10,000 CougCenter Points* for members than can find YouTube videos of the more scintillating plays from the year. It's always great to have video evidence when we look back.

I'll carefully consider all of the nominees and start revealing the Top 10 plays of the year next week.


*-CougCenter Points are completely made up and of no financial value.