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It's true

Per Grippi:

Just finished talking with some of the players and it’s true. Tony Bennett is leaving Washington State University to become the head basketball coach at the University of Virginia. The players are shocked, the administration is shocked, the assistant coaches are shocked. We will have more soon. 

Um, count us among the shocked. I can't even begin to wrap my brain around this, but it's really happening. 

All that stuff about Tony loving Pullman and wanting to build something special? About asking the administration for seven years? Apparently, it was all a bunch of shit.

Pardon my language, but sometimes a situation calls for coarse language. If there ever was one, this is it. People wonder why we Cougs are such a paranoid bunch? It's garbage like this.

Thanks Tony. Thanks for getting our hopes up just enough to kick us in the nuts. I hope you lose every game you ever coach at Virginia. I probably don't really mean that, but you'll have to excuse me for feeling that way at this particular moment.