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Bennett, you moron

Good luck finding the support you had here in Charlottesville.

How do UVA fans feel about the hire? (Hat tip to Cfred)

Lets say that he does well here for the sake of argument.  He has no connection to UVA or even the East coast.

This is simply a stepping stone for him if he is as good as you say.  I really doubt we would be able to keep him in C-Ville.  No, this would be his resume builder.

Either way he is gone in 4-5 years tops.

UVA did strike out on this hire, they never even went to bat.

Amen to other 2 posts - this alumni is DONE.  Come on - give me a break - 16-13 season?  I am furious and done.  Why can’t we think big?  This is lunacy ridiculous.  Maybe I should root for Va Tech…...

I hope I am wrong; but looks like another mediocre hire by Littlepage. When it comes time to swing for the fence, he lays down a bunt. This coach has no ties to the ACC, how is he going to recruit.

Here we go again.  Sounds as though from the other comments for the most part this is another short lived marriage with a coach and UVA. 

Maybe UVA should have done more scouting and interviewing before settling on a coach.  I think if this one goes the same road the past 3 have gone it is time for a new AD also since he is the one hiring the first one that jumps in front of him.  Lets see Jeff Jones, Pete Gillam, Dave Leito who according to all info was to be the HOOS saviour on the basketball court.  Well guess what this is the forth time at bat in this game and you have already struck out 3 times.

What is Craig Littlepage doing?  This is a very hasty hire.  Basketball rests on recruiting.  How is Tony Bennett going to be able to do a better recruiting job than Dave did.  Capell was the man for the job and we didn’t even wait to see if he was an option.  With the amount of money the alumni and backers throw at the program this hire is extremely dissapointing.