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To the players

OK, this is the important post - not just random mindless venting on my part.

Klay, DeAngelo, Marcus, Nick, James, Mike, Abe and our incoming freshmen:

Please stay committed to WSU.

I can't emphasize this enough. We're all shocked right now, and we're all hurt. That's understandable. But we're all behind you, too. If you stick around Pullman I know there's no fanbase that will support you through thick and thin as much as we will.

I know you have a personal decision to make, and I promise we won't turn our backs on you if you do feel it's best to transfer. This wasn't your fault.

What I do know is that Jim Sterk will find the very best possible replacement at head coach. He will find someone who can help you develop, someone who can help you reach your goals and give you the best chance of reaching the next level.

So, rather than sit out a year, remain a Coug. Think about your teammates, and think about Taylor Rochestie and the Senior class that just left. If you ever want to know why you should stay in this town, don't hesitate to ask one of them.

They know why Pullman is special.

Awesome news update: Per KREM-TV in Spokane, DeAngelo Casto has said he does not plan to transfer.