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The game that started the streak

The 7 game win streak may have come to an end over the Huskies, but the Cougs still have one intact over their rival.  Three wins in a row at Hec Ed.

The game that started the streak was the most surprising win of all, an early season Coug victory over a highly ranked UW team led by Brandon Roy.

This highlight is awesome.  Look at the terrible jerseys, take a look at some of the lineups we had out there!  Chris Henry, Antonio Chavers, and freshman Caleb Forrest on the court at the same time!  Remember, Derrick Low was injured for this one.  How on earth did we win?  Josh Akognon and his 27 points.

Watch closely as Cowgill begs Akognon not to shoot the game winner, followed by Kyle doing what Kyle does best.  This was a great game.

Akognon drains the 3... (via cougarfan25)