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Love was in the air

To continue the build up to the hardcourt clash between UW and Wazzu this weekend, we present more awesome video of triumphs of good over evil.


Valentine's Day 2007.  What better way to spend time with your sweetie than snuggling up in front of the TV (or in the case of about 3,000 Coug fans, Hec Ed) to watch an Ivory Clark dunkfest? This was the fourth consecutive victory for the Cougs over the Huskies and the second in a row in Seattle.  It followed the 75-47 slaughter at Friel.  It was vastly different that the season before, when UW was the highly ranked team.  The roles switched but the result stayed the same.  Cougs win.

You knew it had to go well when Antonio Chavers started the scoring with a deep three right?  It continued with five first half Ivory Clark dunks, including a nice facial for Jon Brockman.  Taylor Rochestie had a huge game and his WSU star was born.  Don't you love these people who make highlight videos for us to enjoy?

By the way, apparently YouTube disabled the audio on this one, so you might want to turn on some music and get some popcorn.  The video is 8 and a half minutes long and shows EVERY SINGLE Cougar basket in the game.

Go Cougs! Click on the link below and make the jump for the video.

WSU vs. UW (via mitchellvictor11)