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Casto is already the best shot blocker in the Pac 10


After reading this article from Cougfan on Deangelo Casto's shot blocking prowess, I was inspired to look at the tempo-neutral stats to find out just how awesome Casto really is when it comes to swatting shots.

Here is a look at the Pac 10 leaders in block% (from kenpom):

1 Taj Gibson   9.17 
 2 Jordan Hill 6.25
 3 Michael Dunigan 5.15  
 4 Aron Baynes                                          4.22 
 5 Roeland Schaftenaar 4.22 
 6 Jeff Pendergraph 3.67  
 7 Josh Owens 3.54
 8 Jordan Wilkes 2.73
 9 Caleb Forrest 2.41 
10 Omari Johnson 2.37 

So where is Deangelo?  To qualify for these rankings a player must play 40% of his team's total minutes.  Deangelo just misses the cut at 39.6.  For argument's sake, we will round up (like they taught us in third grade).  Right now, Deangelo is posting a robust 9.8 block percentage.  From the table above, you can see that would easily move him ahead of Taj Gibson for first in the Pac 10 in blocking efficiency.

I watched on television during last year's 4A state title game as he was sending away a state championship record eight shots and wondered if it was because he just outmanned the competition or if he truly was a skilled shot blocker.  We've seen so far this year, and the numbers prove, this guy truly does have a knack for protecting the rim.

How old is he again? Oh that's right (drools on keyboard).

Be very afraid Pac 10, be very afraid.